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Africa remembers Rwanda genocide, and says ‘never again’

Rwandans living in Johannesburg relived the genocide in their country 20 years ago. They told their stories of horror; but the over-riding emotions at the end of the day were those of reconciliation, hope, healing and forgiveness.

Rwanda finds a path out of history of horror

Instead of taking the route of vengeance and punishment, Rwanda has chosen admission, reconciliation and forgiveness. This way, it has missed a "justice of ashes". But to build a stable and prosperous country has required draconian legislation and curtailed personal freedom.

SA judge appointed UN rights chief

UN ‘must tackle causes of genocide’

South African Navanethem Pillay, in her first major speech as United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the UN had to do everything in its power to prevent genocide - and "the cycles of violence, the mobilisation of fear, and the political exploitation of difference" that lead to genocide.
SA 'forging African security'

AU court for human rights cases

An African court to rule on cases of gross human rights violations on the continent is ready to start hearing cases, with South African judge Bernard Ngoepe one of 11 elected to the new institution.


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