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KhoiSan origin tells us 'race' has no place in human ancestry

KhoiSan origin tells us ‘race’ has no place in human ancestry

Evidence suggests that sub-Saharan human populations retain genetic bits and pieces of DNA from non-KhoiSan primordial humans. If DNA samples were compared from humans around the world, the relationship would look more like a chain link, rather than a tree that branches out.

All eyes on SA’s new super spud

South African researchers are in the final stages of testing a pest-resistant potato that could save the local industry up to R40-million a year.

Biotech research lab in SA

South Africa has been selected to become the first country in Africa and only the third in the world to host a laboratory for the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.

DNA coding Kruger Park's plants

DNA coding Kruger Park’s plants

A small group of scientists have launched an ambitious project to use DNA sequencing and genetic barcoding technology to study the plants of South Africa's Kruger National Park, in a bid to identify the elusive genetic "barcode" for the Earth's plant species.


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