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New colony for African penguin on the cards

The population of African penguins has dwindled drastically over the past three decades, mostly as a result of human activity. Now humans are stepping...

Sport is a way to better life

Grootbos ThumbThe Grootbos Foundation and Football Foundation of South Africa uses sport to lure youngsters in small Western Cape towns away from drugs, alcohol and crime.

South Africa's Gansbaai lands gold tourism award

South Africa’s Gansbaai lands gold tourism award

The small Western Cape town of Gansbaai has been named the overall winner of the African Responsible Tourism Awards. The town is famous for its beaches, sea life and shark cage diving; it won the gold award for working to make better places to live and great places to visit.

Cagey crafts from cage diving

A shark cage diving company in Gansbaai in the Western Cape has sprouted an unexpected offshoot enterprise – selling clothes and crafts to tourists, thereby not only providing skills and jobs to locals but also spreading a strong conservation message.


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