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Brand South Africa calls on citizens to get tested for HIV this World AIDS...

Johannesburg, Saturday 01 December 2018 – This World AIDS Day – Brand South Africa encourages all citizens to play their part and get tested...

Brand South Africa, Freedom Park honour struggle heroes

On 27 April 2017 Brand South Africa partnered with Freedom Park to celebrate 23 years of freedom in South Africa.Freedom Park is a cultural...
Freedom Park

Press release: Brand South Africa urges South Africans to respect, preserve and be responsible...

Johannesburg, Wednesday 26 April 2017 – South Africa commemorates Freedom Day on the 27 April 2017, a day honoured and remembered for its historic...
Telling South Africa's history at Freedom Park

Telling South Africa’s history at Freedom Park

Overlooking the capital and facing the Voortrekker Monument, Freedom Park on Salvokop outside Pretoria tells the story of the nation, from the beginning of time to democracy. It is a place of healing and reflection, and a tribute to ordinary heroes.

Play Your Part – join the Human Chain!

Anglican ArchbishipAnglican Archbishop Thabo Makgoba has called on the public to join him at Freedom Park in Pretoria on 20 September to form a Human Chain as commitment to Nelson Mandela's vision of a united SA.

South Africa's Freedom Park

Freedom Park marks Women’s Month

Women's Month celebrations began at Freedom Park, where the struggle for women's emancipation and equality was commemorated with a human chain along Reconciliation Road, which links Freedom Park and the Voortrekker Monument.

Monument draws Far East visitors

The Voortrekker Monument is proving a strong draw card for Chinese tourists as it repositions itself as a symbol of the earliest struggle against colonialism, and was named the best of the best at the 2013 China Outbound Tourism and Trade Market.
Freedom Park: celebrating peace

//hapo: museum of freedom in unity

//hapo: museum of freedom in unity

The interactive //hapo museum at Freedom Park outside Pretoria serves as a place for South Africans to consolidate and preserve their freedom heritage in an all-encompassing and inclusive manner.

Freedom Park: celebrating peace

On a small hill outside South Africa’s capital city of Pretoria, a unique and complex monument celebrates freedom and honours the people who struggled and died to liberate the country from apartheid.
Trekker site gets heritage status


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