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Brand South Africa, Freedom Park honour struggle heroes

On 27 April 2017 Brand South Africa partnered with Freedom Park to celebrate 23 years of freedom in South Africa. Freedom Park is a cultural...

Opinion: ‘It’s our turn to move South Africa forward’

By Donald Liphoko, acting director-general of GCIS On Freedom Day millions of South Africans will celebrate the day that marks the occasion of our first...

Look how far we’ve come: Two decades of freedom

Apartheid denied people the right to vote, to work, to access education, to move freely, to love whomever they wanted to, to not be imprisoned without trial ... South Africa's groundbreaking Bill of Rights changed all that. We take a look at how far we've come over two decades of freedom.

Human Rights

21 human rights all South Africans enjoy today

Apartheid laws were designed to segregate South Africa’s population in terms of race. The majority suffered discrimination in terms of education, economic rights, social standing, and eventually even citizenship. Today, the Bill of Rights enshrines many rights denied in the past.

South Africa comes of age on Freedom Day

South Africa comes of age on Freedom Day

South Africa marked its 21st year of democracy on Freedom Day, with a call for radical action to transform and tackle poverty, unemployment and inequality. The consensus was that the country was in a far better position than it was during apartheid, but there was some way to still go.
Hosting the big sporting events

South Africa’s born-frees talk about life

This year, a generation of young people turn 21 – the traditional age of majority and independence. In South Africa, they share their birth-year with the country's democracy. A 21-year-old shares her experience as a born-free.

Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogues set for Nelspruit

Brand South Africa is continuing with its Play Your Part / Sowetan Dialogue, with the latest in the series set to take place in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, on 25 April, with a focus on leadership.

Africa Aerospace & Defence takes off

Zuma to address Freedom Day event in Pretoria

South Africa's main Freedom Day event will take place on Sunday at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, where President Jacob Zuma will make a special address and a multi-cultural carnival, mirroring the diversity and solidarity of the country, will be staged.
2014 guide to school and public holidays

2014 guide to school and public holidays

The school terms in South Africa are set annually by the Department of Basic Education. This year, all government schools have the same calendar - including an extended break at the end of April that includes three extra school holidays. Find all the dates you need in this handy guide.
South Africa's Freedom Park

Freedom Park for free on 27 April

As part of the country's Freedom Day celebrations, South Africans, including tourists, will be offered free entrance to the newly completed //hapo museum at Freedom Park outside Pretoria.


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