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Youth get it on campaign to fight graft

my hand are clean---thumbSelfies, social media and upstanding citizens are coming together to help fight corruption through Corruption Watch's #MyHandsAreClean campaign. It joins the FunDza dramas in getting young people on board in the fight against graft.

African Union: Africa losing billions from fraud and tax avoidance

According to a recent African Union high-level panel, Africa loses $50-billion annually to fraud and corruption. This has impeded development projects and denied the poorest access to crucial services.

NMMU moves to minimise internet fraud

Internet banking fraud is on the rise all over the world – but a team from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has developed a possible solution, using just a USB stick.
Social media to help Nigerian poll

World Cup 'a lesson in tackling abuse'

Biometric cards to beat social grant fraud

South Africa has begun rolling out a new biometric card to social grant beneficiaries that will cut down on fraud and corruption in the country's grants system, improve on the delivery of grants, and reduce the costs involved in making payouts.
South Africa's new Cabinet

State cost-cutting to save billions

The South African government aims to save over R27-billion a year by cutting down on wastage and slashing inefficient spending.
Lotto funds 2010 legacy fields

Tackling World Cup ticket fraud

With excitement growing ahead of the 2010 Fifa World Cup, tickets have been in high demand worldwide, leading to illegal ticket sales - especially by web-based resellers - and Fifa is working with international authorities to crack down on the practice.

Limpopo hotline to fight fraud

The Limpopo government has launched a 24-hour anti-fraud hotline to help whistleblowers report crime and corruption in the province's administration.

Public service fraud crackdown

About 37 000 public servants are being probed for social grant fraud. This follows a successful campaign which saw about 30 000 ordinary South Africans owning up to receiving grants they were not entitled to - translating into about R120-million a year in savings for the state.


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