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Marble heats up Johannesburg food scene

South Africans have long had a love affair with cooking over flames. A new restaurant in Johannesburg, Marble, captures that essence by cooking most...

Johannesburg gets food trucks for spring

On an idyllic spring day – a clear blue sky and warmer sun rays – Johannesburg’s latest food hub opened in the parking lot...

South African entrepreneurs: tips to grow your business

Shoprite’s mobile soup kitchens help feed vulnerable South Africans across the country every day. (Image: Shoprite)A South African supermarket group is helping feed thousands...

Spotlight shines on African cuisine

Africa's food is as rich and diverse as its people, yet its culinary offerings are not that well known. Filmmaker and foodie Tuleka Prah wants to change that. She has started to chronicle traditional recipes made by ordinary people on her website, African Food Map. One day, she would like to create an African Food Dictionary.

Mamas move for health awareness

Clover ThumbThe Clover Mama Afrika project has 41 Mamas throughout South Africa who care for more than 15 500 children and 2 500 elderly people by providing nutritious food daily.

Mama Afrika feeds the nation

Mama thumbWith its Springboard Marketing Institute, the Red & Yellow School of advertising and marketing is widening the pool of skills in the industry.

JAM focuses on basic necessities

wits---thumbFood, clean water and sanitation, education for the youngest members of the community to help them meet their potential – these are the foundations of Joint Aid Management.

Chesa Nyama to open restaurant in the US

Chesa Nyama to open restaurant in the US

South African fast food franchise Chesa Nyama will open its first authentic South Africa communal braai experience outlet in the United States in October, following a deal with an American investment company. Soon Nashville diners will be able to get their very own taste of Mzansi.

South African foodies cooking up a storm

Four South African TV foodies are giving South African and international audiences a taste of some of the country's best gastronomical treasures, proving that if you want to rule the world, start in the kitchen.

South Africa's tourism

South Africa’s tourism, food sectors grow

The tourism, food, and beverages sector is performing well, according to the latest figures from Stats SA. Income has risen year-on-year for accommodation, particularly for caravan parks and camp sites, while total income in the food and beverages industries is up more than 8%.


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