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South Africans help flood-stricken nations

South Africans help flood-stricken nations

The humanitarian group Gift of the Givers is distributing relief parcels to families displaced by the floods in Malawi, said to be the worst in the nation's history. And the South African National Defence Force is helping rescue efforts in Mozambique, which has also been hit by flooding.
SA's life-saving ambassadors

SA’s life-saving ambassadors

The volunteer team of Rescue South Africa provides multi-agency, multi-disciplined responses to rapid-onset disasters in South Africa, across the southern African region and further abroad - saving lives while being ambassadors for the country.

KZN’s flood radar ‘nowcasters’

A KwaZulu-Natal professor and a team of researchers are developing technology that will help predict floods up to six hours in advance - buying precious response time for emergency authorities - using radar technology and computer-based mathematical techniques.