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South African man's dream of flight comes true

South African man’s dream of flight comes true

Vusimuzi Mbatha wanted to fly in a helicopter so badly, he built himself a craft out of scrap metal and recycled material. His story impressed Bidvest Protea Coin to help make his dream a reality. The company gave him a personalised flight uniform and took him for a flip.
New Airbus fleet for SA Airways

SAA celebrates inaugural flight to Abu Dhabi

With more than 200 South African companies doing business in the United Arab Emirates, SAA has added daily flights to Abu Dhabi to its network through a code share agreement with Etihad Airways. The first flight departed on Sunday.

Sling planes soar to new heights

A few years ago, a pair of fly boys decided to build a plane and fly around the world. Today, their company produces the Sling, which is much sought-after across the globe. The Airplane Factory is a genuine success story, and is a tribute to the tenacity and "can do" attitude of South Africans.

Air Force goes hi-tech in flight training

The first full-motion helicopter flight simulator to arrive in Africa will be used by pilots of the South African Air Force as part of their training programme.
Rooivalk gets its wings

Bid for in-flight mobile phone use

South African Airways, the country’s national carrier, has applied for a lifting on the ban of in-flight mobile phone use on its domestic fleet - but only for phones that support the flight mode.
Rooivalk gets its wings


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