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Infographic: The galjoen, South Africa’s national fish

Since October is Marine Month, we’ve decided to concentrate on South Africa’s national fish, the galjoen. Did you know it is only found along...

Gallery: Celebrate Marine Month in South Africa

National Marine Month is celebrated from 1 to 31 October in South Africa; it's a time when protecting the country's marine resources comes to the fore. One of the reasons to take action is because the oceans feed us. Learn more about our seas by viewing our gallery.

Centre studies South Africa’s oceans

Three oceans affect South Africa – the Atlantic, Indian and Southern – with cool and warm waters juxtaposed, giving rise to unique marine and land ecosystems. Studying these oceans with a view to forecasting their state is the work of the Nansen-Tutu Centre for Marine Environmental Research.
Protecting South Africa's coastline pays off

Fish farming in a shipping container

Fish farming in a shipping container

With global returns of 33.8-million tons, worth about $60-billion, posted in 2008, fishing farming is clearly big business. But that hasn't stopped a couple of South African social entrepreneurs from making it fit inside a 12-metre shipping container.

SA chefs practice safe seafood

Choose your fish wisely to prevent the collapse of the fish populations in our oceans. To help, the SASSI Seafood Circle recognises restaurants and chefs who are conscious of best practice.

Teaching teens to fish

Instead of donating money to children’s shelters, a Johannesburg businessman has set up an initiative to help teens from shelters learn to live sustainable, productive lives as adults through creating mentorships.

SA consumers help rebuild fish stocks

Walmart to put SA hake on US tables

US consumers will soon be able to serve hake caught off the southern African coastline on their tables, following a deal between South African fishing company Oceanfresh and global retail giant Walmart.

South African consumers help rebuild fish stocks

Thanks to South African consumers, the demand for over-exploited fish stocks is declining. Increasing consumer pressure on seafood retailers to stock sustainably harvested fish and support eco-friendly fishing methods have caused stocks of species such as kingklip to show signs of recovery.
SA protects its oceans

Fishing in South Africa

Fishing in South Africa

Blessed with a coastline almost 3 000km long, and numerous dams, lakes, rivers and streams, South Africa has plenty to offer the fishing enthusiast. Find out more - then follow up on our collection of SA fishing quick links.
Africa's oldest fish discovered

Africa’s oldest fish discovered

Scientists in the Cederberg region of the Western Cape have unearthed the remains of 450-million-year-old fish, the oldest fish fossils found on the African continent and among the oldest in the world. The remote ancestors of modern fish, the animals had no bones or teeth.


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