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Cape Town International Jazz Festival

A feast of South African festivals

Festivals, festivals, festivals ... SA has a celebration for every event, art form, food, drink and agricultural commodity. There's the Cherry Festival, the Arts Festival, countless mud-and-dust music festivals, the Whale Festival and more. See our guide to some of SA's best excuses for a party.
South African films making global impact

South African films making global impact

South African films, particular small, independent movies that tell personal local stories, are garnering recognition globally. Most recently, this week two films were selected for a number of international film festivals - For Love And Broken Bones and Ayanda.
Eastern Cape's 2010 festivals

Arts festival celebrates turning 40

Proving that life begins at 40, this year's National Arts Festival's bold yet intimate line-up features artists from 26 countries in more than 550 performances. The festival will be held at the beginning of July in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.

Summer concerts at Kirstenbosch

Thousands of people have already flocked to Cape Town’s world-famous Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens for the current Summer Sunset Concerts series, and will do so until the season ends on 3 April.
SA marks Year of Biodiversity

Cape Town makes elite list

The vibrant city of Cape Town, a top destination for tourists worldwide, has recently earned a place on the National Geographic Places of Lifetime list for 2008.

The A to Z of South African culture

South Africa is more than a cultural melting pot, it's a big warm potjie of culture, full of different ingredients and yummy surprises, developing its rich flavour over centuries. Get a taste of cultural alphabet soup from archaeology to Zulu, with a dash of Corne, jukskei, kwaito and quagga on the way.
isiZulu film a hit in Venice

isiZulu film a hit in Venice, Toronto

Darrell Roodt's "Yesterday", the first ever feature-length film in isiZulu, took its story of an HIV-positive mother deserted by her husband to the Venice and Toronto international film festivals this month - and triumphed at both venues.


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