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Mamas move for health awareness

Clover ThumbThe Clover Mama Afrika project has 41 Mamas throughout South Africa who care for more than 15 500 children and 2 500 elderly people by providing nutritious food daily.

Happy Feet offers a way out of despair

Happy-Feet---thumbFaced with few options other than hopelessness and substance abuse, Happy Feet offers the youth of Langa, in Cape Town, an alternative. The dance programme brings joy and hope to the participants' lives.

Chapel Street School food garden serves many purposes

edible---thumbThe large food garden at Chapel Street Primary School in Cape Town produces 10kg of fresh produce daily, which supplements the school feeding scheme. The garden is also used in the biology curriculum, to offer gardening as an extramural, and as a way to teach the children about caring.

Crowd funding for a bit of Christmas cheer

creche thumbAngel Projects has started a holiday food package campaign on the crowd funding platform Start Some Good. The aim is to raise funds to provide food for children during the school holidays. For many children, when schools close so does their access to a decent meal each day.

Edu Fun spreads the love in Diepsloot

A decade ago, a group of volunteers – many of them ex-pats – took up the challenge to improve the chances of the underprivileged children of Diepsloot. Edu Fun still brings fun to education and hope for a brighter future to the school.

Partners team up to feed the future

Thousands of children go to school without breakfast. They are lethargic and cannot concentrate. This makes teaching and learning impossible, trapping them in poverty. Alongside government feeding schemes, the private sector has initiatives to put food in every child's stomach.

Many hungry mouths to feed

A vast number of children go to school hungry every day – and often there is no food when they go home either. The Peninsula School Feeding Association knows a hungry child cannot learn, and works in over a hundred schools to give children two meals a day.

Fighting hunger on wheels

Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organisation that has fed the hungry and restored the dignity of poor communities around South Africa for 70 years, relying solely on donations from the public for their work.


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