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South Africans nominated for Innovation Prize for Africa

Four South African innovations have made it on to this year's list of 10 nominees for the Innovation Prize for Africa. Its aim is to encourage local solutions to challenges and inspire continued growth on the continent. The winner will be announced in a ceremony in June in Botswana.

Small-scale farms grow African women’s income

Small-scale farms grow African women's incomeRun by PhD candidate Kenalemang Kgoroeadira, Thojane Organic Farm combines traditional African knowledge with modern permaculture techniques to produce retail-worthy organic produce and a sustainable source of income.

Fish farming in a shipping container

Fish farming in a shipping container

With global returns of 33.8-million tons, worth about $60-billion, posted in 2008, fishing farming is clearly big business. But that hasn't stopped a couple of South African social entrepreneurs from making it fit inside a 12-metre shipping container.
Unilever SA in sunflower partnership

Unilever SA in sunflower partnership

Consumer goods firm Unilever South Africa has formed a sunflower farming partnership as part of its sustainable living plan and has successfully developed hybrid seeds, which are expected to reduce the country's dependence on sunflower oil imports.

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Adding some Shine to farming life

Workers in the Western Cape’s Villiersdorp farming community are running a unique community outreach programme for their colleagues, teaching them important life skills ranging from budgeting to conflict resolution.
Community’s future in berry farming

Tanzania’s ‘butterfly effect’

When one thinks of farming, butterflies are not the first commodity that comes to mind. But in Tanzania, this unlikely crop is cultivated to help conserve threatened forests and provide an alternative income to more than 250 farmers.
First World Forestry Congress for SA

Australia lends Africa a farming hand

The Australian government plans to unlock Africa's great food production potential by providing African farming communities with technical and scientific support and expertise, through the establishment of a new food security centre.
Community's future in berry farming

Biko at the Apartheid Museum

Community’s future in berry farming

A once-dispossessed community in KwaZulu-Natal now have their ancestral land back after 45 years, and are using their land to grow raspberries and strawberries.
SA's burgeoning berry industry

Govt allays farmers' 'land grab' fears

Woolies pushes sustainable farming

A recent audit by retailer Woolworths on its 15 largest fruit and vegetable growers shows that its Farming for the Future initiative, which helps farmers grow quality produce using environmentally friendly practices, is starting to bear fruit.


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