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DTI incentive helps abalone farmer meet demand

DTI incentive helps abalone farmer meet demand

A company that farms abalone in Hermanus in the Western Cape, exports 275 tons of abalone a year to the Far East. Using funds from a Department of Trade and Industry aquaculture incentive, Abagold will soon push up exports to 500 tons, creating more than 100 new jobs in the process.

Kilimo Salama farmers’ safety

Small scale farmers in east and central Africa are able to get some measure of insurance protection from bad weather through a micro-insurance project that is run entirely through mobile phone technology.
New centre to enhance food security

South African farmer helps Mozambican neighbours

A South African farmer is tackling the plight of his Mozambican counterparts, by working with an NGO to revive a disused coconut plantation and help generate work in the region.
New bridge to boost African trade

Bring on the braai

All South Africans love it - including Nobel peace prize-winning Desmond Tutu - and its rich, smoky smell floats over the country every Sunday. Celebrate the braai with our great recipe for boerewors, traditional South African farmer's sausage.
SA fired up for National Braai Day

Phindi Kema

Phindi Kema, stud farmer

At just 36 years of age, the Eastern Cape's inimitable Phindi Kema is the first and only black person to breed thoroughbred horses commercially in South Africa. To top it off, she also grows lucerne and runs a citrus farm, a small dairy and a popular adventure camp.

African farmers’ sorghum success

The spinoffs of a social responsibility initiative by brewers Heineken and Daiego which targets farmers in Ghana and Sierra Leone has been welcomed by breweries in Africa as well as the farmers involved.


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