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Young South Africans: This is how we do it

Many young South Africans begin their day answering a simple question. Whether its Twitter's "What's happening?" or Facebook's "What's on your mind?", the way...

South African entrepreneurs talk about Forbes Africa 30 list

During its annual developer conference, global giant Facebook featured numerous African inventers. They were among those who created new products and features for the...
Facebook developing satellite internet for Africa

Facebook developing satellite internet for Africa

Facebook wants to launch an internet-satellite that could boost internet connectivity and bring fast, reliable and cost-effective broadband to more than 14 countries in sub-Saharan Africa as early as 2016, including South Africa. People living in remote regions will benefit in particular.
Nunu Ntshingila-Njeke

Facebook opens offices in South Africa

In a first for the continent, Facebook has opened an office in Johannesburg. The social networking platform is already a central part of people's lives in Africa, it says. And with more than a billion people in Africa, "we want to do more to help people and businesses connect".
Equal number of South African men

Equal number of South African men, women use Facebook

A study looking into social media usage has found an equal number of South African men and women use Facebook. Researchers say this reflects the maturity of the platform and its mainstream use as an everyday tool for users.

The South African government is on Ello

Social media is democracy in action, and the government is quickly catching on to its cool factor – and its ability to build personal relationships between citizens and what has always been perceived as a monolithic, out of touch structure. Social media has its downfalls, but getting up close and personal with the electorate outweighs these.

Ivory Coast take on ice bucket challenge helps fight Ebola

Bloggers in the West African country of Ivory Coast are using a "soap bucket challenge" on social media to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus, and educate the people on how to avoid infection.

Social media means more than just business in Africa

Social media is bringing health-, nutrition-, education-, and politics-related information to Africans’ smartphones at a phenomenal rate. Now, social media giant Facebook is investing in its 100 million-strong African fanbase to build new business.

Microsoft to premiere OneApp in SA

FNB takes banking to Facebook

First National Bank's mobile banking customers are now able to do their banking through social networking site Facebook. The service, a first for South Africa, allows customers to check their balances and purchase prepaid products while on Facebook.
FibreCo eyes SA broadband shake-up

South Africans embrace social media

South African internet users have embraced social media as a core pillar of their online activity, a new study finds. MXit and Facebook have the most user numbers, while Twitter has seen the most dramatic growth in social networking in the past year.


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