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Following in Burchell’s tracks

A mountain bike ride along the route taken by the 19th century explorer and naturalist, William Burchell, led to some surprising discoveries, such as the hut where the sick adventurer was forced to take shelter while travelling through the wild frontiers beyond the old Cape Colony.
Take a trip to Northern Cape

A map fit for a king

In the late 18th century, Francois le Vaillant travelled through South Africa, recording all that he saw. On his return to France, he created a huge map of the land and its inhabitants for his king. For the first time, that map is on public display.
Art infects the Mother City

South African explorer to circle world via poles

From May next year, South African explorer Ray Chaplin will travel 75 000km around the world, via the poles, using only human-powered transport. long the way he'll promote the importance of preserving world heritage.
African adventure for local woman


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