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skydiving in south africa

Skydiving in South Africa

If you're a skydiver, you know all about adrenaline addiction and the pull of gravity - so don't miss out on the chance of a quick jump while you're on holiday in South Africa!
interracial couple cassarica nadas experience

‘Our experiences are not because we’re an interracial couple – we’re just a couple.’

Cassarica Nadas and Gareth Mays see themselves as an ordinary couple – even if other people refer to them as being in an interracial...
wine food tourism conference

Wine and food tourism experts talk growth

Trends in tourism – visitors seeking experiences – and ways to market South Africa's excellent wine and food tourism industries were unpacked at the...

South Africa’s female vloggers give the inside scoop

31 August 2016 Sharing experiences that relate to your audience is one of the key things several of South Africa's most popular female vloggers have learned...

Cape Town Jazz Safari, with Andulela Experience

Cape jazz captures the story of the Mother City with its fusion of "Cape Coons" carnival music and rhythms from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Now, tour operator Andulela Experience offers a jazz safari that allows visitors to explore this unique sound through interactive tours across the city.

Volunteering to gain work experience

Action Volunteer Africa places community-minded youngsters in volunteer positions to help them develop workplace skills, contribute to the communities they live in, and gain a sense of self-worth.

Student day gives aspiring engineers the edge

AEL Mining Services hosted a student day to give third and fourth year engineering students from the University of Pretoria a more practical insight into the mining industry.

Mexico sets Polokwane alight

2010 Fifa World Cup: the experience

Everyone who visited South Africa for the 2010 Fifa World Cup was bowled over by the warmth of the welcome they received, the quality of the country's facilities, the richness of its attractions - and the sheer energy running through Africa's first Fifa World Cup. Here are just some of the stories we ran.


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