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Power stable for festive season - Eskom

Power stable for festive season – Eskom

Although constrained, South Africa's power system is expected to remain stable for the rest of the festive season, according to power utility Eskom, which will use the period for intensified maintenance.

Necsa unpacks the benefits of nuclear energy

When it comes to South Africa's nuclear energy plans, there are two major issues to consider: the country is not producing enough science, technology and engineering graduates, and what to do with nuclear waste, the real nightmare for many people. Work is being done on these, says Necsa's chief, in the second of a two-parter interview.

Nuclear power holds promise for South Africa

There are many positive benefits to nuclear energy, not least of which is enough power to end load shedding and blackouts. But there is strong resistance to the idea of nuclear. "People need to understand that we are not a scary industry; we are in your everyday world," says the head of Necsa in the first of a two-parter interview.

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists builds South Africa’s science capital

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists builds South Africa’s science capital

To ensure that Africa’s young scientists get the support they need, the Eskom Expo for Young Scientists exposes pupils from across the continent to new ideas, projects, teachers and each other building the continent’s science capital.

Joburg to produce its own electricity from landfill

Gas is flared at Robinson Deep, Johannesburg's biggest landfill, and at Marie Louise, another of its five sites. But generators will be installed this year at the former to turn the methane into power. When all its landfills are all online, it will produce enough power to supply 12 500 middle-income households.

Oliver Awards honours South Africa’s black business leaders

The 13th annual Oliver Empowerment Awards recognises South African companies and business leaders making affirmative action policies work to create jobs, build the economy, and encourage a culture of entrepreneurship.

Petroleum industry sees black women making strides

Local liquid fuel concern Econ Oil has opened South Africa’s first black female-owned plant. A direct beneficiary of energy parastatal Eskom’s efforts to democratise the sector, the company leads in an industry dominated by multinationals.
Transport investment a must

Eskom to study electric cars

A three-year research project has been set up by Eskom and Nissan intended to prepare the national electricity supplier for the impact of electric vehicles on its grid. 
Easy way to back renewable energy

Vultures need our help

Vultures are crucial to the ecological cycle; they dispose of carcasses and minimise the spread of diseases. They are also an indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem, but they are threatened by power lines and wind farms, among other signs of modern life.
Tusker research goes social

Young scientist gets a helping hand from Eskom

Young scientist Hearn Johnson, who built a functional and reliable prototype of a prosthetic hand for lower-arm amputees, can now pursue his dream of studying engineering, thanks to a full bursary from Eskom.


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