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The Buffelshoek Trust helps drive rural development in Mpumalanga

"Not having everything you need doesn't mean you can't strive for excellence" is the ethos of the Buffelshoek Trust, an organisation dedicated to improving...

Documentary festival brings environmental message

The South African Eco Film Festival is taking place at four venues this year, in three cities and a retreat. Catch some of the finest thought-provoking short and feature-length documentaries, 12 of which have never been seen in South Africa before. All carry an environmental message.

Protecting and enhancing our environmental assets and natural resources

In 2030, rural communities are thriving and prosperous, cities are compact and energy efficient, the public know the dangers of climate change and unconstrained consumption of natural resources is no more. Our priorities, instead, are on the protection and rehabilitation of South Africa's natural assets.

Can Africa lead the way to a sustainable future?

Africa's unprecedented economic growth, projected at 5% for the foreseeable future, is taking place in a very different environmental context to the 19th and 20th century growth spurts of Europe, the Americas, Japan and China. So to anyone interested in sustainable development, Africa’s next steps are fascinating.

UK medical agency buys into SA

Miss Earth South Africa: Rooted to the people

A childhood in the impoverished and degraded landscape of the rural Eastern Cape has given Ashanti Mbanga, Miss Earth South Africa, a passion for working to protect and repair the environment for the benefit of ordinary people. She’ll be taking that passion to the Philippines in December, where she will join 115 other young women for the international leg of the competition.

Africa’s social change champions

Africa's five top social entrepreneurs for 2012 were announced at the recent World Economic Forum on Africa, and two are South Africans.
SA's second health train rolls out

German firm enters SA solar market

€100m boost for ‘green’ energy in SA

Anglo-African bank Investec and the European Investment Bank are to establish a €100-million renewable energy funding facility that will promote clean energy generation and energy-efficiency initiatives in South Africa.

The Climate Train comes to town

The Climate Train has completed its month-long journey along the railways of South Africa, raising awareness of COP17 as it went, and has arrived in Durban where the long-awaited conference has begun.
COP!&: what’s possible, what’s not

Brand SA breaks ground in Free State

Brand South Africa headed to the Free State on 17 November 2011 to urge all residents of the province to build the nation’s reputation and position it for global competitiveness.

A water-wise Lesotho adventure

A group of students recently combined adventure with environmental activism by hiking, cycling and kayaking the route of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, stopping along the way to educate rural schools about water conservation.
New solutions for water conservation


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