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Young South Africans: This is how we do it

Many young South Africans begin their day answering a simple question. Whether its Twitter's "What's happening?" or Facebook's "What's on your mind?", the way...

Girls in space! Africa’s first private satellite – designed by schoolgirls

Africa is about to launch its first private satellite. It's a unique achievement - not least because the engineers designing the satellite's payload aren’t veteran astrophysicists, as you might expect. They’re teenage schoolgirls.

Girls encouraged to reach for the stars

It is believed that 80% of jobs in the future will need studies in the Stem subjects, but only 10% of schoolgirls have an interest in maths and science. MEDO has a plan to change that.

Capital expenditure remains robust

Transnet cadets ‘tomorrow’s engineers’

State company Transnet Freight Rail has enrolled 700 high school pupils in its cadet scheme in a bid to grow the number of technicians and engineers in South Africa.
SA targets 2 500 engineers a year

SA targets 2 500 engineers a year

South Africa has set itself the target of producing up to 2 500 engineers per year, as part of the country's Joint Initiative on Priority Skills Acquisition.


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