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New colony for African penguin on the cards

The population of African penguins has dwindled drastically over the past three decades, mostly as a result of human activity. Now humans are stepping...

Anatolian dogs protect cheetahs

A Turkish dog breed is being produced and trained in South Africa for farmers. With extraordinary attributes, they protect livestock from wildlife, and in the process protect wildlife from farmers, who kill to save their herds.
Not just a fluffy face

Rhino care on wheels

The Rhino Orphanage cares for baby rhino affected by poaching, or injured when their mothers are killed by poachers. It now also has a rapid response ambulance to get the right care to the animals.
Sangomas join the rhino force

Endangered fynbos gets protection

A short drive from Cape Town's city bowl is the new Bothasig Nature Conservation Area, set up to protect the critically endangered Cape Flats plain fynbos.
Floral wealth in caring hands

Vultures need our help

Vultures are crucial to the ecological cycle; they dispose of carcasses and minimise the spread of diseases. They are also an indicator of the overall health of the ecosystem, but they are threatened by power lines and wind farms, among other signs of modern life.
Tusker research goes social

Wines to save wild dogs

Wine and wild dogs come together at Painted Wolf Wines, which donates a portion from every bottle of wine sold to conservation efforts to save these interesting, highly endangered animals.
 Giving wildlife a sporting chance

Citizen science to toads’ rescue

Conservation efforts by a group of volunteers and the City of Cape Town’s Environmental Resource Management Department are helping to protect South Africa’s endangered Western Leopard toads.
• Amphibians yield new parasite species

Total helps protect the leopard

South African conservationist Fred Berrange is on a mission to protect the endangered leopard, with the help of petroleum giant, Total.
Bringing a taste of Africa to London

Winning bidder to name new iris

The World Wide Fund for Nature is auctioning the naming rights to a newly discovered South African iris, and will give the proceeds to its Table Mountain Fund, which supports conservation projects on Table Mountain and in the Western Cape province.
SA marks Year of Biodiversity

Baby gorillas named in Rwanda

Rwanda’s sixth annual baby gorilla naming ceremony took place earlier in June, with 18 of the endangered primate babies receiving names.
Gorillas in our midst