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Drought SA: the gateway to managing water scarcity

The South African Water Research Commission has launched a website that teaches people about being water wise. One of the messages is that this includes taking action to solve any water problems, as well as respecting water and all life. You can also work out your water footprint.

Youth must lead

Using film and laughter, the Step Up Let's Lead initiative is targeting pupils at high schools in a campaign aimed at fostering leadership skills and unearthing innate talent.

Teaching teens to fish

Instead of donating money to children’s shelters, a Johannesburg businessman has set up an initiative to help teens from shelters learn to live sustainable, productive lives as adults through creating mentorships.
• Meds on wheels for positive change

Free legal advice line for the vulnerable

Call for economic agency for SA women

More needs to be done to empower women in the informal sector and it is necessary to establish an economic development agency for women, says Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe.
Bill to empower Khoisan community

Bill to empower Khoisan community

President Jacob Zuma has lauded Adam Kok I, the Griqua leader who stood up to the colonial authorities 300 years ago, as "one of the greatest warriors ever produced by our country", and said a new Bill would empower South Africa's indigenous Khoi, San, Nama, Korana and Griqua communities.

Burundian men empower women

For a long time, Merthus Ntahobakuriye did not think much of being drunk daily or refusing to help out with household chores. He sold the little his family had to maintain his drinking habit.

Burundian men empower women

Male “revolutionaries” go against tradition in Burundi by supporting and empowering their womenfolk, helping them to rise to prominent positions in local government, and raising awareness of gender-based violence.
New body to empower SA women

New draft law for SA’s elderly

Parliament is considering a draft law that seeks to empower older South Africans, recognising the skills and wisdom of older people as well as their right to care and protection.


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