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Services for South Africans abroad

Skilled foreigners welcome in SA

South Africa is welcoming skilled foreigners with open arms. The government has issued a list of quota work permits for selected professions, which means foreign nationals with the required qualifications and experience will be allowed to enter the country without first having secured employment.
SA to settle Lesotho claims

SA to settle Lesotho claims

The government says it will settle all outstanding pension and compensation claims from Lesotho migrant workers who were employed in South Africa's mines.
Measuring SA's 'second' economy

Measuring SA’s ‘second’ economy

Statistics South Africa is to conduct a comprehensive household survey to assess the country's informal economy. This will provide a clearer picture of economic growth and unemployment, and help the government provide services to entrepreneurs.

Employment equity body named

A second Commission for Employment Equity has been set up to advise the minister of labour on ways to speed up implementation of the Employment Equity Act.

Employing the disabled: guidelines

The Department of Labour has launched technical guidelines on employing people with disabilities, aimed at giving practical help to employers and employees on how to implement non-discriminatory measures such as affirmative action.


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