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New electric car to hit South African market

New electric car to hit South African market

South African-born entrepreneur and Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has revealed the latest model of the electric car from his company, Tesla. He tweeted that it would also be available in South Africa. The Model 3 can travel up to 346 kilometres on a single charge.

Africa most vulnerable to climate change

Climate change need not spell disaster for Africa, a panel of experts agrees. But to mitigate its effects, strong enforcement of laws needs to be put in place, and urban planning needs to be modernised and include urban green planning. Trees must be planted and open spaces preserved.

Absa's eco-friendly office tower

South African firms ‘cutting emissions’

South Africa's top 100 listed companies have materially reduced their reported greenhouse gas emissions, according to the 2012 Carbon Disclosure Project's sixth annual report for the South African business sector.
Act now

Act now, Ban urges climate delegates

As the pressure mounted at the UN climate summit in Durban on Tuesday, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon warned that the world was in danger, and that countries needed to take decisive steps towards signing a new deal on cutting carbon emissions.

Wear green for COP17

President Jacob Zuma has called on all South Africans to welcome the thousands of delegates to the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference – and to wear green on Friday 18 November to show their support for the event.
COP17: what's possible and what's not

Top marks for SA energy policies

The World Energy Council has commended South Africa for the effectiveness of its energy policies, particularly its national electrification programme and "exemplary" renewable energy plans.

Corking carbon emissions

South African-based food packaging and processing company Columbit has launched an initiative to encourage its wine clients to reduce their carbon footprint. The company is distributing specimens of the indigenous spekboom plant, known for its immense carbon-absorbing properties, to wine producers to decorate their tasting rooms.

Africa’s carbon-trading potential

Delegates at the first all-African carbon forum in Dakar, Senegal, agreed the continent's entrepreneurs need cash to break into the expanding international carbon emissions trading market.


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