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Forensics can stop illegal trade of ivory

At CITES CoP17 in Johannesburg, scientists and investigators showed how they were using forensics to fight illegal ivory trade and poaching of Africa’s elephants.African...

Elephants’ dung used to produce coffee and paper

One of the big 5 are drawing more than just tourists to the African bush. Elephant dung is now being used to create paper in Africa and flavour artisanal coffee in Thailand.

DNA detective work could end poaching

The work by a team of scientists could mark the beginning of the end of elephant poaching. Using DNA from dung and seized ivory, they were able to locate and isolate poaching hotspots in Africa to two main regions.

Royal boost for conservation in Africa

In a move away from his army career, Britain's Prince Harry is spending three months in southern Africa, where he will learn about poaching and the measures put in place to increase the conservation of threatened animals such as rhino and elephant.

Stan Christodoulou: a great boxing referee

Women of the Black Mambas take on poachers

A group of South African women who are part of an anti-poaching unit are not afraid to man-up in a nature reserve. The Black Mambas are well-trained bobbies on the beat in the Olifants West Nature Reserve, and their success can be seen in the massive drop in snaring.

Walking for Eden, and elephants

The Eden to Addo Mega-Hike is a 400-kilometre walk through farmland and bush from the Knysna Forest to Addo Elephant Park. It’s also a pilgrimage to conservation, following what may be old elephant migration paths.
Slackpacking in the Cedarberg

Bee fence keeps elephants out

A tiny creature is proving effective in chasing away earth’s biggest mammal – fences strung with beehives in Kenya form a barrier that African elephants are scared to cross, keeping them out of croplands.

Tracking elephants across Africa

A team of US and African researchers are using GPS technology to track elephants across Africa in order to reduce the animals’ conflict with humans and better understand their ecology and behaviour.

Elephant culling 'a last resort'

Elephant culling ‘a last resort’

South Africa will only consider culling its elephants as a last resort, after contraception or translocation to neighbouring countries, says the Department of Environmental Affairs.


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