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Almost half of African millionaires make South Africa their home

Johannesburg has long been known as the City of Gold. It is the top place that African millionaires call their home.

For women, by women – Pink Taxi Egypt

Female taxi drivers could soon be plying the streets of Cairo, carting their female passengers from point A to point B. Pink Taxi Egypt, a new initiative, wants to make female passengers feel safer while using cabs in the city, but it has already faced criticism.

Cosmic proof of comet strike on Earth

A carbon-rich pebble found in the shifting sands of the Libyan Desert brings conclusive evidence of a comet hitting the Earth; the extra-terrestrial fragment also holds promise for exciting research into the very beginnings of our solar system.
All systems go at the SKA

Africa targets free trade area by 2017

African Union suspends Egypt

The African Union's Peace and Security Council has decided, in is line with the continental bodys' rules against unconstitutional changes of government, to suspend Egypt's participation in AU activities until constitutional order is restored in that country.

Cooperating to cut down piracy

South Africa has become the 19th signatory to the International Maritime Organisation's Djibouti Code of Conduct, aimed at tackling the escalating pirate activity in the Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.
Maritime piracy under the spotlight

SA wins big at World Travel Awards

South Africa cleaned up at the annual World Travel Awards for Africa last night, winning 36 awards out of the total 49 categories. Despite the pyramids, Egypt, its nearest rival, managed to win only four.
Cape Town: most beautiful city

Supercomputers to the rescue

South Africa and Egypt have pooled their supercomputer capabilities to help develop a quicker response time to disasters on the continent.

Confederations Cup comes alive

Confederations Cup comes alive

It was a weekend of footballing drama in the Fifa Confederations Cup, with Brazil taking world champions Italy apart and the USA shocking Egypt to progress to the tournament's semifinals, while New Zealand held off Iraq to enable hosts South Africa to clinch a place in the final four.


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