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What South Africa can learn from Piketty about addressing inequality

Economist Thomas Piketty's visit to South Africa to deliver the 13th Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in early October gives us an opportunity to ponder new ways to deal with the pressing issue of inequality. Imraan Valodia of Wits University looks at three things the country could learn from Piketty’s work.

How to build an inclusive South African economy

Moody's recently downgraded its rating of South Africa's economy, but that should not prevent the country from planning for the long term. The idea of long-term goals rather than a short economic cycle had currency at a debate on building an inclusive economy, where the example of Germany's reunification was also flown.

Getting the export balance right

The way forward for South Africa is to boost competition and promote regional trade integration. These are critical for restarting the nation's idling export engine to bolster growth, which in turn will help to create jobs and cut poverty.

WEF Davos 2014: Keeping up with a fast-changing world

Profound political, economic, social and technological forces are transforming our world, according to the World Economic Forum. The trick is in how the world responds - a topic the forum will address at its annual Davos gathering in late January. And South Africa will be there.

On the road to WEF

Brand South Africa will be in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum meeting of world leaders. It will be in Switzerland to tell the story of the country's achievements in the past 20 years of democracy, and to speak about the way forward.

Young economists look to a brighter future

The Young Economists for Africa, a group of social science and economics students, showed students from three Soweto schools that economics can be "fun", through making them solve some real-world challenges facing South African townships.

SADC: the case for a single currency

A single currency is an ideal of the Southern African Development Community, among other African blocs, but there are many obstacles along the path.
Developments from Brics summit

Can heritage, development coexist?

A recent heated debate, spearheaded by Brand South Africa and the National Heritage Council, examined whether economic development and heritage preservation can take place simultaneously.
World heritage in South Africa

Partnerships 'beating crime in SA'

Partnerships ‘beating crime in SA’

The past few years have seen a remarkable crime turnaround in South Africa, thanks in large part to public-private partnerships. The Economist, in a special survey of the country, highlights Business Against Crime and its pioneering model for combating crime on the streets of Johannesburg.


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