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Khululekani Nyobole

South African entrepreneurs talk about making eco-friendly products

Several small business owners made a conscious decision to produce non-toxic and biodegradable products. Here's their why. Melissa Javan Her passion for the environment and making...

Sandton goes car-free for a month

The Sandton CBD will be closed to cars during the month-long EcoMobility World Festival over October. Instead, people will be encouraged to use public transport, cycle and walk. Johannesburg hopes they will see the benefits of going car-free and that there will be a permanent shift.

Transforming waste to wealth

Lorna Rutto from Kenya has been named the Cartier Women's Initiative Awards 2011 laureate for sub-Saharan Africa for her creative business idea of making fence posts from plastic waste.
Portable plant makes fuel from waste

Africa’s greenest hotel for Cape Town

Already known as an innovation hub and renowned for the excellence of its hospitality offerings, Cape Town will soon be the home of the most eco-friendly hotel on the continent, with construction soon to start on the cutting-edge Hotel Verde.
Green buildings now the law in SA

Absa's eco-friendly office tower

Absa’s eco-friendly office tower

The Absa Campus, located in downtown Johannesburg and home to the bank's headquarters, consumes at least 12MW of electricity a day - but hardly any of this is drawn from South Africa's national grid.

Sustainable building on the rise in South Africa

South Africa's building industry has taken another step forward building, with construction of the country's first house built almost entirely from renewable materials nearing completion.
SA shines at 2010 SEED Awards

South African firms turn to green pest control

South African companies are making a substantial contribution to protecting the environment by introducing eco-friendly pest control agents, in the form of owls and other raptors, to control rat populations.
The weevil that saved the delta

South African market hungry for the Joule

The South African market looks ready to buy into the Joule, the country’s first stylish electric car.
Model ‘green’ car in South Africa for World Cup


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