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Why travel bans won’t stop the spread of Ebola

Travel bans for the Ebola-afflicted countries of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia are not only unnecessary, they will also cause more harm than good by stopping the flow of health workers, medical supplies and humanitarian aid, and further damaging the beleaguered countries' economies, writes Khalid Koser, chair of the Global Agenda Council on Migration.

Africa Stop Ebola – in song

While the world celebrates Bob Geldof's plan to reboot Do They Know it's Christmas 30 years later to fight Ebola, Africans have been using music to fight the disease as far back as May. A new project, Africa Stop Ebola, by a stellar collection of African musicians is just the latest harnessing of the power of music to fight the epidemic.

Motsepe donates US$1-million to the fight against Ebola

Motsepe donates US$1-million to the fight against Ebola

South African billionaire and mining guru Patrice Motsepe has donated US$1-million to the fight against Ebola in Guinea, one of the three West African countries affected by the epidemic.

Southern Africa remains free of Ebola

Despite deaths in West Africa and the US, there are no suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease in South Africa or any of its neighbouring countries, and the country is fully prepared for any outbreak, should it occur.

No confirmed Ebola cases in South Africa

No confirmed Ebola cases in South Africa

The outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) has so far been restricted to West Africa, with isolated cases in Spain and the United States. However, no confirmed cases have been reported in South African and its neighbouring countries, says the South African Department of Health.

Animation tells the story of Ebola and how to avoid it

Fear, distrust and a lack of education are adding fuel to the rampant spread of Ebola through West Africa and beyond. To try to get the facts to people in the frontline countries, a group of international NGOs has teamed up with a video production company on an animated short that tells the story in local languages.

Doctors Without Borders treat Ebola, one patient at a time

Amidst the fear and hysteria around the Ebola outbreak in parts of West Africa, Doctors Without Borders is stretched to its limits treating patients. It needs supplies, but most importantly, the organisation believes accurate information about the disease, like the fact that survivors develop a 10-year immunity, will contain its spread.

Call on private sector to help fight Ebola

Call on private sector to help fight Ebola

South African companies can donate cash to the Ebola Response Fund or offer goods and services to help fight the spread of Ebola in East Africa.

Ivory Coast take on ice bucket challenge helps fight Ebola

Bloggers in the West African country of Ivory Coast are using a "soap bucket challenge" on social media to raise awareness about the deadly Ebola virus, and educate the people on how to avoid infection.

Leading African researchers hunt down Ebola

South Africa's National Institute for Communicable Diseases follows strict infection controls as its 11 researchers - from Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and Congo - try to document the disease's behaviour and pin down its nemesis.


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