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The battle against Big Pharma for cheap drugs

Drug makers are fighting attempts to change the patent laws in South Africa that would allow cheaper generics on to the market – life-saving medication to treat life-threatening diseases. There is precedent for the country, however, in a ruling by the Indian Supreme Court over the patent for cancer drug Gleevec.

SA scientists helping to develop 'game-changing' TB drug

SA scientists helping to develop ‘game-changing’ TB drug

South African scientists are part of an international research group that is on track to deliver more effective, less expensive and shorter TB treatment - and one which also has the potential to cure multi-drug-resistant TB - using a new combination of drugs.
Criminal justice revamp 'under way'

South African police in record drug bust

South African police have seized nearly 10 tons of pure heroin worth over R3-billion (US$280-million) and arrested three men, including two Chinese nationals, in the biggest drug bust in the country's history.

Doctors on the forefront of innovation

Medical advances are making history, and people – and babies – are surviving extraordinary odds. Many of these ground-breaking medical techniques are mastered by doctors in South Africa. In some instances, they are showing the world the way.

Drug abuse 'enemy of freedom': Zuma

Drug abuse ‘enemy of freedom’: Zuma

Drug and alcohol abuse are the enemies of South Africa's freedom and democracy, President Jacob Zuma told young people gathered in Newcastle, KwaZulu-Natal for national Youth Day celebrations on Sunday.
HIV/Aids cases stabilising: survey

Clinical trials for SA anti-malaria drug

The development of a single-dose anti-malarial drug by the University of Cape Town could help Africa and the rest of the world tackle a disease which claims almost a million lives a year, says Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor.
Criminal justice revamp 'under way'

South African police in R36m drug bust

South African and international police are working together to curb a suspected international drug smuggling unit following the seizure of 1.1 tons of narcotics with a street value of R36-million in Tulisa Park outside Johannesburg on Saturday.

Drug delivery gets sophisticated

Wits University researchers are developing advanced drug delivery technologies that will change the way people take medication, improve the efficacy of drugs and reduce the cost of medicine.
SA triage system to go global

Germs produce novel HIV drug

South African researchers have genetically engineered a strain of bacteria to produce large and affordable quantities of a novel and highly effective treatment for HIV.

African farms grow malaria drug

Small-scale farmers in East Africa have become the world’s third-largest producers of a key ingredient in the most effective malaria drug available, producing a crop of the highest quality.


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