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Barloworld's brilliant Tour success

Giving taxis a good name

Thousands of South African minibus taxi drivers who take pride in their work are competing for the coveted title of the country’s best, and most responsible driver.
Think Pedestrian – and save lives

Taking the I-Pledge for safer roads

Taking the I-Pledge for safer roads

The Imperial I-Pledge road safety campaign, launched in Johannesburg on Tuesday, challenges South African motorists to help create a culture of safe, friendly road use in the country in the only way that works in the long run: by changing our own attitudes.

South African drivers urged to drink responsibly

South African Breweries has unveiled No Regret Friday, a movement that falls under the company’s successful anti-alcohol abuse campaign Reality Check, launched in 2009.
SA gets tough on substance abuse

Drivers' licence services improved

Drivers’ licence services improved

Transport Minister Sibusiso Ndebele says the validity of a learner's licence has been extended from 18 to 24 months, while driving licence tests may now also be taken on Sundays.


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