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Small beginnings, big hearts

The Chaeli Campaign helps disabled children around the country with education, therapy and assistive devices.

Investing in African youth

The Rockefeller Foundation is investing $100m in a seven-year project to assist a million young people in Africa through jobs and skills in the information communication technology sector. Its focus will be on high potential youth who lack access to jobs and economic opportunities.
Citizens in charge of their destiny

Creativity for a good cause

A pair of creative philanthropists has come up with the concept of iExist, through which the big questions are explored in art. But the driving force behind the project is to help the less fortunate through auctioning the works of art made under the iExist banner.
Mandela exhibition goes to Paris

Feed the hungry

More than 10 million people in South Africa don’t know where their next meal is coming from – or indeed when it is coming. FoodBank and its partners are devoted to feeding hot, nutritious and regular meals to these people. And you can help too.

Angels touch lives of the sick

On a small plot in the south of Joburg, lies Nkosi's Haven Village. Here mothers and children infected with and affected by HIV are able to live a healthy and loving life, thanks to the help of their angels.

Teaching teens to fish

Instead of donating money to children’s shelters, a Johannesburg businessman has set up an initiative to help teens from shelters learn to live sustainable, productive lives as adults through creating mentorships.
• Meds on wheels for positive change

Africa’s turn to save the world

Hey Africa, send some warmth to freezing Norway. After Band Aid, Live Aid and all the spin offs comes Radi-Aid, with its video and a call for Africans to raise funds to send heaters to the frigid Scandinavian nation.
Trade, not aid, say youth

Boost for St Lucia’s ‘green school’

A multinational company has donated computer software and furniture worth R200 000 to a "green school" as part of the Living Lakes project to enhance the local pupils' awareness about caring for their environment.


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