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Domestic flights in South Africa

South Africa has a number of airlines flying between its major cities, and some of its smaller ones, with fares ranging from first-class to cut-price economy. Flights can be booked online from anywhere in the world.

Research update: Domestic Perceptions Research 2016

South Africa is a diverse country, yet most of its people see themselves as South African first, according to Brand South Africa's latest Domestic Perceptions Research. They also view themselves in a positive light and believe that media is a little too critical about the nation.

Youth perceptions under the spotlight in Brand South Africa domestic survey

Over the past 10 years Brand South Africa's annual national perception survey has identified trends shaping society to help predict how these are likely to play out in the future. The latest study produced valuable insights into the youth, and how their perceptions will shape the National Development Plan.

High hopes for South Africa’s low-cost carriers

High hopes for South Africa’s low-cost carriers

With Skywise taking to the air in March, South Africans now have four low-cost carriers to choose from - and already the new entrant appears to have had an impact on end-user fares.
Durban has a bumper year for visitors

Durban has a bumper year for visitors

South Africa's hot sub-tropical city had a record tourism year in 2014, with visitor numbers up nearly 13%. It was also recently named one of the New7Wonders cities of the world, and was listed in the New York Times top 10 places to visit in 2015.
A big-hitting boost for SA

A big-hitting boost for SA, African cricket

In a move that is set to boost cricket on the African continent and kick-start the South African domestic season in style, six teams from Africa and six South African franchises will contest the Global Softech Sixes at SuperSport Park in Centurion in September.
Africa 'must enable investment to grow'

Africa ‘must enable investment to grow’

Africa needs to create an enabling environment for domestic and foreign investment to realize its potential and ensure inclusive growth for its population, panelists agreed at a special session on the opening day of the WEF annual meeting in Davos on Wednesday.

You and your domestic: Rights and responsibilities

Are you a domestic worker unsure of your rights? Or an employer or prospective employer wanting to clarify your obligations to your domestic worker? Minimum wages, working conditions, employment contracts ... here's a quick guide to the so- called Domestic Workers Act, plus all the links you need to find out more.
11-million jobs: Zuma calls for teamwork

11-million jobs: Zuma calls for teamwork

South Africa's National Development Plan has set the ambitious target of creating 11-million jobs by 2030, which will require teamwork to get the economy growing at a rate of more than 5% a year, says President Jacob Zuma.
Africa 'to build on its gains': Zuma

Africa ‘to build on its gains’: Zuma

Africa is already the world's second fastest growing economy after expanding 5% a year in the past two years, and African countries are determined to consolidate and build on these gains, South African President Jacob Zuma said during a televised debate in Davos, Switzerland on Wednesday.


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