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Across the Colour Bar: Nthabiseng’s story

Nthabiseng Hibbert is an ordinary South African woman who, for the past two decades, has lived in a modest home in Katlehong, one of the country's largest – and poorest – black urban townships. Only one thing sets her apart from her neighbours: Nthabiseng is white.

Of gangsters, bad cops and taking on Hollywood

S'dumo Mtshali was hands down the best actor in Class Act. The spoils were a starring role alongside real gangsters in iNumber Number, a new feature film that has been picked up by Universal Studios for an American remake.

The country 21 years on in '28UP South Africa'

The country 21 years on in ’28UP South Africa’

Twenty-one years ago, a cross-section of the country's seven-year-olds spoke about their lives and dreams in 7UP South Africa. Director Angus Gibson has filmed the children every seven years since: for 14UP, then 21UP, and now for 28UP. The full series premieres on Al Jazeera English on Friday.
Sugar Man wins best documentary Oscar

Sugar Man wins best documentary Oscar

The documentary Searching for Sugar Man, the chronicle of a forgotten musician and his rediscovery, has bagged the Oscar for Best Documentary. Directed by Swedish filmmaker Malik Bendjelloul, it follows the efforts of two South African fans to find Rodriguez.

The Axe and the Tree

The healing work of an empowerment NGO in strife-torn Zimbabwe is the subject of a gripping documentary titled The Axe and the Tree, which premiered in Johannesburg at the end of May 2011.
Giving Zimbabwe's diaspora a voice

Bang Bang club lives on in film

Filming of The Bang Bang Club, a movie which reveals the lives and times of four photojournalists who captured the harrowing violence of the apartheid South Africa, is underway in Johannesburg.

Amandla! - singing down apartheid

Amandla! – singing down apartheid

"The apartheid government took everything away from people, but it couldn't stop them from singing", says Lee Hirsch, director of the documentary Amandla!, an impassioned chronicle of the role of music as a means of protest and survival through more than 40 years of struggle against apartheid in South Africa.
Kwaito's looking sharp!

Kwaito’s looking sharp!

A new documentary film about kwaito culture tells the story of a music form that burst from South Africa’s computers and synthesizers after Nelson Mandela's release from prison in 1990.
Rediscovering African starlore

Rediscovering African starlore

Africa's traditions, legends and stories about the sky are set to reach a world audience with the release of Cosmic Africa, a feature-length documentary on African-based skylore, astronomy and cosmology from pre-historical times to the space age.


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