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Call for South Africans to preserve our indigenous heritage and knowledge during Heritage Month

September not only marks the beginning of spring - the season of new beginnings - but also the commemoration of South Africa’s Heritage Month, when the nation celebrates and recognises the cultural and social wealth and diversity of South Africa.

People show positive image of Africa

Young Africans, who are fed up with the unrelenting negative stereotypes of the continent spread by the mainstream media, have started a new campaign on social media.

Africa urged to invest in artists as visionaries

Artists and the economy was discussed on the second day of the fourth African Union Pan-African Cultural Congress, with speakers calling on governments and private sector leaders to invest in the arts and heritage as a means of uniting Africa through its diversity.

Joburg is the top place to be for Africa’s youth

 Live, work and play. What makes Johannesburg the best African city for young people?. (Image: Youthful Cities)   18 February 2014 The first comprehensive...

Joburg is the top place to be for Africa’s youth

The first comprehensive list to measure the liveability of the world's cities from the perspectives, expectations and demands of the youth population – as voted for by the youth themselves – has rated Joburg among the top world cities, beating rivals across Africa.

The people of South Africa

South Africa is a nation of diversity, with nearly 52-million people and a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs.

The rainbow nation on a plate

By Amelia du Plessis
13 September 2013

South Africa is known for many things, not least of all its variety. This variety extends from its cultures and languages to the arts, crafts and cuisine that South Africans enjoy. This is a land of flavours, colours, sounds and magnificent people, which all come together to create what is affectionately known as our Rainbow Nation.

Food has always been a very important part of the culture and identity of any country or community. It creates a social platform on which families and friends can meet and enjoy time together; whether around a traditional dinner table or around the fire under the open African skies.

Some foods have religious relevance, and are used as part of worship or religious festivals, making it an integral part of the technical culture. Food brings people together, regardless of colour, language or belief system. And this is what needs to be celebrated.


Because food is a major part of cultural identity, and South Africa is home to so many cultures, this country boasts an enormous variety of traditional dishes, made from locally sourced ingredients. By enjoying these dishes during your time in South Africa, you will become a small part of the wonder and diversity of this country.

Greeting cards celebrate SA’s languages

South African entrepreneur Gildah Tshukutswane has turned her dream of creating greeting cards in African languages into a successful business.

2011 Brand South Africa Stakeholder Summit

Together we can create a spirit for success in a new world Through May and June 2011 Brand South Africa traversed the country, sharing its...

‘Free and united in diversity’

“It is our responsibility to break down barriers of division and create a country where there will be neither whites nor blacks, just South Africans,” President Jacob Zuma said in a speech on Freedom Day, 27 April 2010.


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