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Tenure security for farmworkers

District Six: coming home

For more than three decades, Zahrah Hendricks dreamed of returning to her childhood home. The vibrant streets and sense of community of District Six have been bittersweet memories most of her life. Yet now she is among those families who are returning, intent on rebuilding their neighbourhood.

District Six lives again, 35 years later

When District Six residents were forcibly removed from their homes in the 1960s and 70s, going back seemed an impossible dream. Now, former residents and their descendants are moving back home, to return the area's streets to their former vibrancy.

Cultural group writes own history

A new book has been published to celebrate the 80th birthday of the Eoan Group, South Africa’s first grassroots amateur opera, ballet and drama organisation.
SA’s opera diva’s big win in Moscow

Zuma hands over District Six houses

Zuma hands over District Six houses

President Jacob Zuma has handed over 44 houses to residents in Cape Town's historic District Six suburb, in an ongoing process to give proper housing to the victims of apartheid's forced removals.

Recalling District Six

When the apartheid government swooped on District Six, Cape Town in 1965, forcibly removing its occupants and declaring the area a "whites-only" zone, the rich fabric of an impoverished but vibrant community was torn to shreds. The District Six Museum pays homage to that community.


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