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High five for South African film in Toronto

The universal theme of redemption and the beloved tropes of the western genre – and the great film-making – bring acclaim to Five Fingers for...

Cult South African novel to get film adaptation

Cape Town-based author Charlie Human’s critically acclaimed Apocalypse Now Now will be made into a feature film, with the award-winning District 9 and Chappie screenwriter adapting the novel for local production company Be Phat Motel and its international partners.

film production in South Africa

South Africa’s film industry

South Africa has a vibrant film industry that is increasingly competitive internationally. Local and foreign filmmakers are taking advantage of the country's diverse locations - as well as low production costs and favourable exchange rate.
Video: District 9 fever hits SA

Video: District 9 fever hits SA

Filmed in Johannesburg, directed by a South African-born computer graphics whizzkid, and using a science fiction storyline to parody apartheid ... the film that has taken the US box-office by storm opens on the South African circuit, in what turns out to be quite a premiere party.

SA-set sci-fi satire huge hit in US

District 9, a science fiction film satirising the absurdities of apartheid, shot on location in Johannesburg and directed by young South African-born computer graphics whiz Neill Blomkamp, has taken the US box office by storm.


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