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Take a trip to Northern Cape

The Northern Cape is a vast, open land of breathtaking landscapes and ancient history. Kimberley, the old diamond-mining town, is the provincial capital, and a good place to start your adventure through this surprising, beautiful part of the world.
• Khoisan couple home at last

Another blue diamond found

Yet another magnificent blue diamond – the rarest of all diamonds – has been unearthed at Petra Diamonds in Cullinan. It is here that the Great Star of Africa, among other flawless gems, was discovered.
Record price for SA diamond

Take a diamond tour in Cape Town

Tourism in Cape Town has a new attraction with the opening of the Cape Town Diamond Museum, a glitzy establishment that pays tribute to the precious stone and to South Africa's major contribution to the global diamond industry.
Two centuries of SA military history

De Beers to mine Atlantic waters

African Romance looks to sparkle

South African diamond cutters and polishers have been given a boost with the launch of African Romance, a black-owned gem company looking to establish a luxury African jewellery brand that will rival its foreign competitors.
De Beers to mine Atlantic waters

Diamonds: local crafters get a cut

The State Diamond Trader has entered into a deal with mining giant De Beers that will see it acquire 10% of all diamonds mined in South Africa, paving the way for local crafters to add value to the gems before they are placed on the market.
De Beers to mine Atlantic waters

De Beers to mine Atlantic waters

Diamond mining giant De Beers has launched its first South African deep-water mining vessel, the Peace in Africa, to operate off the Namaqualand coast in the Northern Cape, where it will remain for two years.
Lifesaving SA innovation

Lifesaving SA innovation

A South African device originally designed to stop mineworkers stealing diamonds is saving the lives of critically injured patients around the world. Taking just 13 seconds for a full-body x-ray, the Lodox Statscan saves time in the vital "golden hour."

Financing beneficiation projects

The SA government has teamed up with a US government agency and the private sector to help finance diamond and mining beneficiation projects in Angola, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa.


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