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South African entrepreneurs talk about Forbes Africa 30 list

During its annual developer conference, global giant Facebook featured numerous African inventers. They were among those who created new products and features for the...
R7.3bn water project approved

Africa plans to splurge on infrastructure

Infrastructure spend in sub-saharan Africa will balloon to $180-billion a year by 2025, says PricewaterhouseCoopers, which adds that infrastructure is key to economic growth and reducing poverty. The most ambitious plans are in South Africa and Nigeria, making up almost 60% of the spend.

South African developers in Android finals

Two South Africans have made the finals of the Android Developer Challenge for sub-Saharan Africa, which tasked entrants with developing new, high quality Android applications for mobile users.
Bringing internet to SA's unconnected

Developers buy into Soweto

Developers buy into Soweto

With 13 massive property development projects under way or starting in 2008, South Africa's biggest township is offering fantastic returns to the adventurous investor looking for a new beat.


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