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South Africa's integrated water system launches

South Africa’s integrated water system launches

The Department of Water Affairs has created a new online water services system for water management institutions, commercial water users, researchers and the general public. They will be able to get updated information on the status of water and sanitation in South Africa.

SA, Lesotho start phase two of mega water project

South Africa and Lesotho have launched the R15.5-billion second phase of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project, which will generate hydro-electric power for Lesotho while increasing the volume of water transferred to South Africa from the current 10-billion to about 15-billion cubic metres a year.

Saving water all in a day’s work

Sustainability was the name of the game at the launch of South Africa's largest commercial rainwater harvesting project, located at the Midrand head office of mobile provider Vodacom.

South Africa acts on acid mine drainage

Acid mine drainage: work under way

South African environmental officials are working around the clock to curb the potential dangers posed by acid mine drainage in the Witwatersrand mining area, the Department of Water Affairs reports.


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