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Employment Equity FAQ

Employers: wondering whether the Employment Equity Act applies to you? Confused about how to implement employment equity in your company? Concerned about how to classify your employees in racial terms? Read on.
R10bn jobs-saving initiative

SA looks at pension for low-income earners

Social security for vulnerable workers is being investigated by the Department of Labour, which will seek information on international best practice from the International Labour Organization. A discussion paper will be tabled at Nedlac following approval by the Cabinet.

You and your domestic: Rights and responsibilities

Are you a domestic worker unsure of your rights? Or an employer or prospective employer wanting to clarify your obligations to your domestic worker? Minimum wages, working conditions, employment contracts ... here's a quick guide to the so- called Domestic Workers Act, plus all the links you need to find out more.

Penalties for UIF defaulters

The Unemployment Insurance Fund has gone fully electronic - but less than 10% of South Africa's employers have supported its move to a database system, and complied with the law, by forwarding their employees' particulars to the Fund.


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