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Invitation: Media tours to showcase South Africa’s competitiveness

Brand South Africa, in collaboration with the Department of International Relations and Cooperation and other partners, will profile various areas of South Africa’s competitiveness to both Chinese and African media ahead of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation. FOCAC will be hosted by South Africa from 3-5 December 2015.

Cuban 5 receive warm welcome in South Africa

Cuban 5 receive warm welcome in South Africa

Five Cuban nationals arrived in South Africa to a hero's welcome, thanks to their contribution to ending apartheid. In turn, South Africa supported their release from prison in the US, fostering further amicable diplomatic relations between the countries.
'Breakthrough' in Prof Karabus case

‘Breakthrough’ in Prof Karabus case

South Africa's Department of International Relations says there has been a "breakthrough" in the case of Professor Cyril Karabus, a paediatric oncologist who has been in detention in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates since August.


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