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South Africa’s sugar tax: a bold move, and the right thing to do

South Africa is implementing a sugar tax in April this year. Government and health authorities hope it will curb non-communicable diseases and obesity. Researchers...
South Africa marks World Malaria Day

South Africa marks World Malaria Day

South Africa, along with the rest of the world, observed World Malaria Day yesterday. While significant progress has been made in combating and treating the disease, work is ongoing to reach the goal of zero infections of malaria in Africa and around the globe.
Health care goes high tech in South Africa

Health care goes high tech in South Africa

South Africa's Gauteng department of health is merging technology with patient care to improve overall delivery in its hospitals. After a successful trial phase, the Electronic Bed Management System was officially launched in Pretoria on 19 April 2016.

Mpumalanga playing its part for South Africa’s reputation

Brand South Africa today took the national agenda to build and profile South Africa’s competitive strengths to Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, during a one-day workshop.

Africa's miners gather in Cape Town

South Africa sets aside R1.5bn for miners

Mineworkers are at high risk of contracting lung diseases such as silicosis, pulmonary tuberculosis and lung cancer. Compensation has been slow in coming, but this should pick up pace with the launch of Project Ku-Riha, set up to process compensation claims speedily.
Call on private sector to help fight Ebola

Call on private sector to help fight Ebola

South African companies can donate cash to the Ebola Response Fund or offer goods and services to help fight the spread of Ebola in East Africa.
SA 'taking every precaution' against Ebola

South Africa steps up Ebola precautions

South Africa has put in place extensive measures for early detection and treatment of Ebola, in case the need arises, says Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi. Surveillance has been strengthened at all ports of entry, and outbreak response teams have been trained and equipped in each province.

Mama puts power in mom’s hands

South Africa is the second country in the world to introduce Mama, a mobile information service that improves the health care knowledge of pregnant women and new mothers.

Samsung brings solar health to Africa

A solar powered mobile clinic has been added to Samsung's interventions in Africa. It will offer health services to the rural poor across the country, with plans for expansion to the north of the country.

Better pay for South Africa’s TB medics

The South African Department of Health has announced plans to make it safer and more financially rewarding for doctors and nurses who work with high-risk multidrug- resistant and extensively drug-resistant TB patients.
Africa TB nurses lauded


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