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South Africa still to set price for nuclear build

South Africa still to set price for nuclear build

South Africa is committed to adding nuclear to its energy mix, saying the procurement process for the nuclear new build programme will start in the second quarter and be completed by the end of the 2015 financial year. The first station will come on line in 2023.
R1.6bn upgrade for Koeberg

South Africa to start nuclear buy

Nuclear power is definitely on the agenda for South Africa, and the country will begin its nuclear buy programme later this year. In preparation, it has started a training programme with a number of other countries, with a group of students already studying in China.

Statement: Department of Energy condemns attacks on foreign nationals

The Department of Energy reminds all South Africans that it is imperative that we stand together to build and develop our continent. To achieve this, the department is already working with a number of countries on the continent to improve energy capacity for all Africans.

Live Twitter chat with Dr Clinton Carter-Brown on renewable energy in South Africa

On Wednesday, 22 April, Brand South Africa will host a live Twitter chat on renewable energy with the technical director of energy at Aurecon, Dr Clinton Carter-Brown. 

New solar plants in sunny Northern Cape

Kathu Solar Park and Redstone Solar Thermal Power will each add 100MW capacity to the electricity grid. Concentrated solar thermal power is able to store solar power generated the day, meaning they will continue to supply energy at night. They add to the five plants already commissioned.

Khi Solar One: renewable energy for the ages

It looks like something from a sci-fi film, with its massive tower and thousands of wall-like solar mirrors set in an arid and deserted landscape. But Khi Solar One, Africa's first concentrated solar power project, is a very real example of the future of renewable energy.


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