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Non-income poverty levels drop in democratic South Africa

Non-income poverty levels drop in democratic South Africa

South Africans are generally better off today than they were in 1993, according to a new research paper that looks at non-income welfare. The paper examines public and private assets, as well as educational attainment, to understand the improvement in South Africans' well-being.

A diverse, socially cohesive society with a common national identity

In 2030, South Africa will be a society where opportunity is not determined by race or birthright, and where citizens accept they have both rights and responsibilities. We will be a united, prosperous, non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa.

‘We must exercise our democratic freedoms’ – Miller Matola

Brand South Africa’s end of year message to the nation calls on all of us to tap into our nation-building spirit to ensure our democratic freedoms do not erode.

All systems go for President's inauguration

All systems go for President’s inauguration

After successfully staging its fifth democratic elections, South Africa is finalising its preparations for the inauguration of President-elect Jacob Zuma, who will be sworn in for a second term of office at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Saturday.

A freedom timeline: 20 years of democracy

The past 20 years have transformed South Africa. Once sanctioned, vilified and on the brink of civil war, the country is now a stable democracy and respected player on the global stage. In video and text, we explore the major milestones in our democratic journey.

South Africans 'already winners': Zuma

20 years of freedom: reason to celebrate

As the country marks its first 20 years of freedom, Bathandwa Mbola reflects on how far we have come, and explains why she personally will be celebrating "being part of this big, vibrant and colourful family called South Africa".
football - and a nation united

20 years, 20 South African sporting highlights

From that famous, nation-uniting triumph in the 1995 Rugby World Cup through to Ernst van Dyk's historic 10th victory in the 2014 Boston Marathon, the last two decades have seen numerous sporting successes for the democratic South Africa. Brad Morgan picks out 20 of the highlights.
A nonfiction guide to South Africa's 20 years

A nonfiction guide to South Africa’s 20 years

Follow South Africa's journey to freedom with a selection of the best of the country's writing. Here we present the winners of the Sunday Times Alan Paton Award for nonfiction since 1994, which includes two Nelson Mandela biographies, The Long Walk to Freedom and Anthony Sampson's authorised portrait.

A complete guide to registering for the 2014 elections

IN 2014 South Africa will not only celebrate 20 years of freedom from apartheid, it will also hold the country's fifth national democratic elections....

Twenty years of constitutional freedom

Today marks the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s Interim Constitution, signed on 18 November 1993. After centuries of conflict and oppression, the country made a leap of faith to establish, for the first time, a democratic and non-racial society governed by an advanced Bill of Rights.


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