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22 monuments for 22 years of freedom

There are a significant number of monuments to peace and freedom scattered across South Africa – not surprising given its long history of struggle against oppression. With April marking the 22nd anniversary of South Africa’s freedom, we will showcase 22 monuments that pay homage to those who made this country great.

Africa refocused: images of Ghana

In the first in a series of photo galleries refocusing the image of African countries, we look at the West African nation of Ghana, on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. With a population of some 27-million, Ghana is rated the seventh-best governed and fifth-most stable country in Africa, with the continent's sixth-largest economy.

The people of South Africa

South Africa is a nation of diversity, with nearly 52-million people and a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs.

The rainbow nation on a plate

By Amelia du Plessis
13 September 2013

South Africa is known for many things, not least of all its variety. This variety extends from its cultures and languages to the arts, crafts and cuisine that South Africans enjoy. This is a land of flavours, colours, sounds and magnificent people, which all come together to create what is affectionately known as our Rainbow Nation.

Food has always been a very important part of the culture and identity of any country or community. It creates a social platform on which families and friends can meet and enjoy time together; whether around a traditional dinner table or around the fire under the open African skies.

Some foods have religious relevance, and are used as part of worship or religious festivals, making it an integral part of the technical culture. Food brings people together, regardless of colour, language or belief system. And this is what needs to be celebrated.


Because food is a major part of cultural identity, and South Africa is home to so many cultures, this country boasts an enormous variety of traditional dishes, made from locally sourced ingredients. By enjoying these dishes during your time in South Africa, you will become a small part of the wonder and diversity of this country.

South African food

A delicious way to experience the Rainbow Nation is through its food. Contributions from the cultures that created South Africa make its modern cuisine one of the most exciting in Africa.
SA restaurant tops in food Oscars

2010: a home match for every team

2010: a home match for every team

As a country made up of diverse cultures and nationalities, South Africa is a vibrant and colourful mix and, with the 2010 Fifa World Cup only a few months away, this will become even more apparent as team colours from around the world are brought out for the 2010 party.

Craft celebrated on Heritage Day

On Heritage Day, 24 September, South Africa will celebrate its rich diversity of cultures and traditions through a host of countrywide events aimed at stirring up national pride and a sense of unity.

Craft celebrated on Heritage Day

Heritage Day, 24 September, is a South African holiday that celebrates the nation’s rich diversity of cultures and traditions. This year, all around the country festivities will take place under the theme Celebrating South African Craft, Our Heritage.

‘Brand South Africa’: is 2010 the key?

‘Place branding’ – the branding of a nation, town or even a continent – is an area of branding that has undergone huge growth in the past five years. In the case of Africa, branding its nations is currently a popular topic.


Drogba, kids tackle xenophobia

The Youth African Soccer Cup, devised to help South African children discover other African countries and their cultures, took place in Johannesburg on the weekend - with special guest and project ambassador Didier Drogba on hand to lend support.


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