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Criminal justice revamp 'under way'

Tip-offs help police net criminals

Tip-offs to the Crime Stop and Crime Line resulted in the arrest of 32 people in connection with suspected crimes during the month of July, the South African Police Service said on Tuesday.
Treasury welcomes banking report

‘Beware of phishing e-mail attacks’

The South African Banking Risk Information Centre, concerned about the increase in "phishing" attacks and the "extremely authentic" nature of phishing e-mails, has urged people to be extra vigilant with their banking information.
Closing criminals' mobile networks

Closing criminals’ mobile networks

South African mobile phone companies are now required to capture and verify their customers' names, addresses and ID numbers, under a new law designed to help the authorities to combat crime in the country.
SA police 'ready for 2010'

2010: building a safe South Africa

The SA Police Service has been working with security agencies from around the world to create no-go zones for criminals in every 2010 host city. And there have been some interesting recent developments in South Africa's safety preparations for the 2010 Fifa World Cup.

‘Green’ police to sting syndicates

South Africa's first group of environmental inspectors - the so-called "Green Scorpions" - have completed their training and are ready to start tackling environmental criminals in the country.
Role reversal in

Role reversal in

The title of the latest SA movie to hit the screen, Hijack Stories, conjures up images of another predictably negative township story about criminals hijacking cars in the absence of anything else to do in Soweto. But there's a lot more to the film.


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