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Creativity for a good cause

A pair of creative philanthropists has come up with the concept of iExist, through which the big questions are explored in art. But the driving force behind the project is to help the less fortunate through auctioning the works of art made under the iExist banner.
Mandela exhibition goes to Paris

Adobe, Nikon bring cheer to Cotlands’ kids

Adobe South Africa, Nikon South Africa and local creative professionals have teamed up to donate over 2 500 paint sets and books to Cotlands, bringing more colour to their Toy Libraries around the country.

South African theatre

  The Playmakers, a statue by Ernest Ullman, reflected in the windows of the Johannesburg Civic Theatre. (Image: Chris Kirchhoff, MediaClubSouthAfrica.com. For more free photos, visit the image...
Celebrate SA design on D-Day

Celebrate SA design on D-Day

What are you wearing right now? South African chic or foreign shtick? Wise up. February 27 is the country's first national Design Day. D-Day. A day to celebrate, support, buy, use and wear South African design.


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