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CEOs partner with government to boost economic growth

With strong measures introduced in the 2016 Budget to turn the South African economy around, business leaders have committed to work closely with the government to ramp up economic growth, create jobs and strengthen public finances.

Business must start investing more: Ramaphosa

Business must start investing more: Ramaphosa

For South Africa to prosper and create jobs, it is crucial for the private sector to start investing more in the economy, Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday, adding that the government, for its part, would do all it could to remove obstacles to doing business in the country.
South Africa increases support for co-ops

Co-ops ‘create jobs, beat poverty’

Co-operatives can be used as a business model to effectively empower South African communities by creating employment and helping to eradicate poverty, says the Department of Trade and Industry's Jeffrey Ndumo.


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