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South Africa in top 20 best places to raise children

Close to 15 000 expats from all over the world took part in an online survey asking in which countries they prefer to raise their children. South Africa was in the overall top 20 family life index.

Africa dismantling trade barriers

African countries are collaborating to remove barriers to inter-country trade on the continent, President Jacob Zuma says on the sidelines of WEF. Allowing investors to move freely across borders is necessary for business to flourish, and red tape preventing this is being cut by governments.

Young population a goldmine for sub-Saharan countries: UN

Young population a goldmine for sub-Saharan countries: UN

The demographic shifts taking place in the developing world are opening a window for economic growth. In particular, countries in sub-Saharan Africa can realise an exponential 'demographic dividend' is they invest heavily in their young populations, according to the latest The State of World Population report.
Brics countries should embrace innovation: Minister Radebe

Brics countries should embrace innovation: Minister Radebe

Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe has told delegates at the 3rd Annual innovaBRICS & Beyond Conference in London that they should embrace innovation in order to meet targeted economic growth.
South Africa bans travellers from Ebola-affected countries

South Africa bans travellers from Ebola-affected countries

South Africa has imposed a travel ban on foreign nationals travelling from Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, and advised South Africans to avoid travelling to these countries, in order to prevent the spread of Ebola to the country.

The One Young World experience

one-young-world-openingDelegates to the One Young World Summit stand in front of the iconic FNB Stadium, to the south of Johannesburg (Image: One Young World flickr stream)


Zanele-mabasoBy Zanele Mabaso
31 October 2013

The fourth One Young World Summit held recently in Johannesburg was a tremendous success.

The plenary sessions with various industry leaders were exceptional and covered global business, entrepreneurship, civil society and government as well as recreation and sports.

The information and experiences shared were uplifting as well as inspiring and motivating. Participants were able to engage in open-dialogue discussions on socioeconomic issues such as sustainable development, youth unemployment, education, global business, leadership and governance, human rights as well as transparency and integrity.

One of my favorite sessions – well, there were countless, to be honest, but the one that stood out and resonated with me the most was the session with the phenomenal Dr Muhammad Yunus on social business.

I founded the Young Social Entrepreneurs Academy, a pan-African social enterprise start-up in November 2012, close to a year ago now. When I did, I had a vision, a vision that consisted of ideas, inventions and creative illustrations driven by my imagination. It was a vision I believed nobody else in the world would ever have. The vision manifested each day, involving the planning of new strategies, evaluation of goals and objectives, and the creation of a propelling mission statement and plan of action.

All that still exists. I realised during Dr Yunus's opening talk at summit – which was held at Soccer City and was attended by over 1 200 delegates from 190 countries around the world – that all the delegates who had flown in from all over the world to be together in Johannesburg for that particular week, also had visions of a greater future.

Everyone has ideas, innovations, goals, ambitions and set objectives they want to accomplish. All in all, we all share the same vision – and that is to change the world; to visualise a world that we want to see, and create it for our generation and the next generation to come.

Now, as a young and emerging social entrepreneur, getting words of encouragement from an experienced professional in the field of social entrepreneurship is exciting and daring. Muhammad Yunus shared how social business was rapidly changing communities and providing a better life for all. He inspired delegates to think about the eradication of poverty and ensuring that we live with the motto, "impossible is nothing" by reiterating, "we can make the impossible - possible."

Well, that gave me a leap of faith to hold on to and practise right after the summit.

In addressing pressing socioeconomic challenges, Kofi Annan reassured us that indeed, we have "the knowledge, resources and capabilities to overcome these challenges". What was needed to make the change happen, while ensuring that our voices are heard, was "effective political leaders and effective democratic institutions". 

(Well done to the launch of the School of Goverment in South Africa, just weeks after the One Young World summit. Such an institution, that replaces the Public Administration and Leadership Academy, hopefully aims to achieve that and many other goals and contribute to social and political governance, leadership and the advocacy sectors.)

Bob Geldof, an icon who many look up to, was as assertive as always and like many others would say, if you really want to get things done, "Go on with it, get sh*t done".

Besides the plenary sessions, the summit had an official welcome, where all the individuals who helped make the summit a success were welcomed and thanked, including the Councillors. A message from keynote speakers and the mayor of the City of Johannesburg was delivered.

Later on, the Soweto Gospel Choir was joined by songbird and South Africa's very own internationally renown singing sensation: Lira, who blessed the masses with her hit single, Feel Good. (Oh, we certainly did FEEL GOOD alright!)

COP 17 'can still save Kyoto Protocol'

Countries commit to COP 17 outcomes

Representatives from the 32 countries in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, meeting in Bonn, Germany this weekend, expressed their determination to build on the strong momentum of the UN climate talks in Durban.
JSE in hedge fund trading first

Diversified group Lonrho lists on AltX

Lonrho, a conglomerate that operates in 17 sub-Saharan African countries, has secured a secondary listing on the JSE's AltX, a parallel market focused on quality, high-growth companies.
Giant telescope project gets serious

African countries step up SKA bid

African countries that have partnered with South Africa in its Square Kilometre Array bid met in Ghana recently to step up their efforts to trump a competing bid from Australasia to host what will be the world's most powerful radio telescope.
2010: 'R55bn boost for SA economy'

2010 qualification race hots up

World Cup qualification action is heating up in football-loving countries all over the world as the field for South Africa 2010 begins to take shape.


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